Bodegas Tradicion Pedro Ximinez NV


This exciting sweet wine owes its name to the grape it is obtained from, grapes that are dried to concentrate their sugars in the ancient process known as asoleo. This very special wine is created using the same oxidative ageing method through the soleras and criaderas system.

It has a median age of 22 years. This ageing bestows dried fruit aromas on the wine, counterbalanced by toasted notes from the oak ageing and acidity that prevents it from being overwhelmingly sweet.

Annual Bottling Capacity: 3,000 bottles per year.

Aromas of dried fruits, figs and plums. Hints of black licorice, straw and dried tomato. It is smooth, dense, silky and full. The passage through the palate and throat is not heavy, inviting another sip. The last touch is an aftertaste of chocolate, licorice, coffee and toffee.

It could be said that since the wine is so sweet and concentrated, it could be a dessert in itself. Molten chocolate cakes or souffle’Ѓ are a stupendous match. It is wonderful with Christmas sweets, creamy (low acidity) deserts and surprising with creamy blue cheeses such as Roquefort, Gorgonzola or Treviso, or goatду»s milk cheeses such as Ibores or Grazalema.

Once opened, the wine can last up to 12 months, always maintaining the bottle in a vertical position, at cellar temperature (60°F, 16°C) and in a dark place.

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Producer: Bodegas Tradicion
Region: Spain, Jerez
Provenance: ex Château
Vintage: NV
Volume: Bottle (750ml)