Domaine Marcel Deiss Berckem 2015


Berckem comes exclusively from Domaine Marcel Deiss’ vineyards co-planted with 13 Alsatian varieties that are harvested, pressed and vinified together. These vines, situated around Bergheim, are planted mainly on Jurassic limestones and Keuper marl, both of which contribute to an exceptional terroir that manifests a natural richness with an intense aromatic expression, delivering a rare complexity for this wine. A wine with a deep robe, complex and aromatic on the nose. Fresh and silky on the palate, with a salivating finish.

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Producer: Domaine Marcel Deiss
Region: France, Alsace
Provenance: ex Château
Vintage: 2015
Variety: 13 Alsatian varieties, exact blend unknown
Volume: Bottle (750ml)
Organic Status: Biodynamic
Description: This wine comes from vineyards which cling to the poor granite ridges of the village St. Hippolyte. This Terroir consists of degraded Thannenkirch gray granite soil, giving a light, white, sandy, low fertilizer and a terribly dry soil type. The vine discovers the severe limits to its growth and prepares early for its grapes. Thus this terroir is one of the most precocious terroir in Alsace.

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